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All visitors to this web site may do so without risk to their personal information. I do not maintain personal information from individuals and all the collected information through guestbook or posted e-mails (such as data, questions or comments) will be treated confidentially. Anything you transmit to me by email will never be used by me for any purpose, including reproduction, transmission, publication, broadcast, posting or forwarding to third parties. If you choose to submit content for publication, this will be published only with the details you have chosen to provide in the required fields of the guestbook and will be visible to all the other guests. In order to preserve the safety of children, this site does not collect any information from visitors under 14 years of age, without prior consent of the parents. This site does not distribute to third parties any personal information without the prior consent of the parents. This site does not publish or distribute in any way, personal information without consent of parents. No child less than 14 years should submit a request to fill any form of this site or send an E-Mail, without the explicit consent of parents.


In no case the images can be used for purposes other than of study or exclusively personal use. The images selected may not be superimposed, cut or joined to other images nor may the integrity of the images themselves be damaged in any way. Likewise, words or other symbols that might substantially change the object or significance of the picture may not be associated with the images. No manipulation is permitted, including redimensioning, extrapolation of details, altering the quality. It is absolutely forbidden to lend, hire out, sell any picture, as well as its transfer to CD/DVD or use in any other form whatsoever of on-line service. It is absolutely forbidden to use the images for other purposes without authorization on the part of Marco Brivio - the photographer. Should the user desire to use the images for purposes other than study or exclusively personal use or should the user wish to have a higher resolution print, he must contact Marco Brivio directly. The images that can be consulted on this website come from the Marco Brivio Photo Archive. The images in this site belong to all effects to Marco Brivio. The images are protected by Copyright laws (subsequently also "copyright") throughout the world in conformity with the copyright laws. Marco Brivio refuses all responsibility for an improper or unauthorized use of the images, in violation of the regulations above which are to be considered absolutely unbreakable. In accessing this site and consulting and selecting the images in the digital archive of this site, the user accepts the conditions that protect the copyright, as established in these pages, by the Italian law and the relevant conventions and international treaties, to which express reference is made.


The website belongs to Marco Brivio. All its contents have been predisposed and are governed in conformity to the laws in force in the Republic of Italy. Access to the site on the conditions described above, is free and implies the acceptance of the following terms and conditions by the user. The contents (pictures, text), the configuration and more in general the organization of this website, as well as the software and the databanks contained therein, are the exclusive property of Marco Brivio and are safeguarded in conformity with the Italian law. The reproduction, total or partial, with any analogical or digital means whatsoever of the contents, configuration, organization, software and data banks in this site, without previous written authorization by Marco Brivio, is absolutely prohibited.I had not long to wait before a stealthy sound apprised me of their nearness, and then a war-bonneted, paint-streaked face was thrust cautiously around the shoulder of the cliff, and savage eyes looked into mine. If the user does not intend to accept completely or in part the present conditions, he must interrupt consultation of the site. Accessing the site, browsing through the site's Digital Archive and selecting the pictures contained therein implies acceptation by the user of all the conditions defined in these pages and by the Italian law and by the extant international conventions and treaties on the subject, to which reference is expressely made. Any controversy regarding the execution of the service and/or the interpretation of these pages is to be submitted to the exclusive competence of the law courts of Milan.

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